VIRTUAL District Conference 2020

Virtual DisCon

13 June | 12:00


Our DG couple | Maurice and Chrisna Stander

Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Inner wheel members, Rotary Anns, Family of Rotary and Rotary Friends

What a privilege it is to be able to invite you to our Virtual DISCON for 2020.  More than two years ago we started the planning for our DISCON which began with myself and Chrisna and the Da Silva’s as part of an exploration party to Maputo in January 2018. This was then followed up with another visit to Maputo when we were joined by DISCON Chair Heidi Tucker. We met with all the Maputo clubs and everyone began to get excited about the DISCON being held in Maputo, the first for Mozambique since D9400 was formed.

After the Committee made the decision to go the virtual route for the Conference due to the Covid-19 restrictions, there was still a faint hope that the DISCON Committee themselves may be able to beam the proceedings from The Southern Sun in Maputo, but unfortunately the borders are still closed for travelling.  So taking the theme for this year of “Rotary Connects the World”,  we will make full use of the amazing technology available and open the Conference to a wider group of Rotary members and friends who will have a great opportunity to be part of this historic event, being also the Ten Year celebration of D9400.

Quoted from the first District Governor of D9400, Francis Callard, partof his message was: “Our new district has broken new ground in many ways and our first Discon in Gaborone, Botswana is no exception”. After 10 years, new ground will be broken again with the first virtual DISCON for D9400.

I want to thank my DISCON committee, lead by Heidi Tucker, for the support and courage and energy that was needed to re-do all the planning at this late stage to convert to a virtual platform for DISCON. To all the Rotarians in Maputo, what a great disappointment that we cannot share your beautiful country, your warm hospitality and your friendship. There are many Rotarians in our District who were so looking forward to the Mozambique trip!

Please let us all connect and participate on Saturday, the 13th of June 2020 to celebrate and enjoy something new in the form of a virtual DISCON.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

DG Maurice and DGA Chrisna Stander.


Michael Angelo Caruso

Topic: Building a Healthy Club with “Heard” Immunity


Michael Angelo Caruso teaches presentation skills on five continents and in 49 of the 50 states. 

A former musician, Michael uses his entertaining speaking style to help leaders, salespeople, customer service teams and Rotarians around the world.  

Michael’s clients include Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, Rayovac, Hallmark, AT&T, The National Institutes of Health, the Barbados Ministry of Tourism and the United States Navy. 

He’s the author the Work Hacks book, the Dear Michael Angelo audiobook and has a very successful online speaker coaching program called Present Like a Pro

Michael’s a lifetime Rotarian in the Troy Rotary Club of Michigan.  Michael was Governor of District 6380 in 2016-17 and currently serves as Rotary Public Image Coordinator (RPIC) for Zone 29. 

Dozens of Rotary clubs in North America have hosted Mr. Caruso’s public professional development programs.  These events have raised over $250,000 for Rotary because Michael donates his speaking fee back to the hosting club

SATURDAY 13 June 2020

(times are approximate) 
12:00Log in | Settle in and Connect with Friends  
12:50Protocal for Webinar on screen 
13:00Bem vindos Companheiros | DG Maurice Stander, DisCon chair Heidi Tucker and Mozambique Team
 Opening remarks from Rotary International President | Mark Maloney
 Keynote Address:
Carlos Agostinho do Rosário | Prime Minister Mozambique
 Disaster Response | Beira, Dondo & Chimoio, Mozambique | PDG Grant Daly
 District Programs | Developing the Next Generation of Leaders and Building Friendship | PDG Greg Stathacopoulos & team
 YoPros | Doing It Differently
 Keynote Address:
Dr PK Smit | Digitalisation in Education and the Impact on Parenting 
 Q&A | Lets Exchange Ideas
 Acknowledgement of Clubs | Whos Who | PPA Linda Stokes
14:20Fun Break
14:30Happy 10th Birthday | 2010 is the Year …  | PDG Francis Callard
 Rural Club Leveraging Funding | Early Childhood Development Practitioner Training | Haenertsburg and Fort Lauderdale 
 Keynote Address:
Rasheeda Bhagat | Kerala’s woman Health Minister shows exemplary Leadership during Corona pandemic
 People of Action | Fundraising + Fellowship = Community Service
 Innovation | Keeping us Connected | DG Maurice Stander
 Keynote Address:
Michael Angelo Caruso |Building a Healthy Club with “Heard” Immunity
15:40Fun Break
15:50Rotaract | District Rotaract Representatives |DRR Pearl Mukhari and DRR Mlungisi Hlope
 District Governor Ann Review and Induction | DGA Chrisna Stander
 Response | DGAE Angela Norris 
 Keynote Address:
DG Maurice Stander | District Governor Review, Awards and Induction 
 Response and Centennial Celebration 2021 | DGE Annemarie Mostert
 Closure of DisCon 2020 | DisCon Chair Heidi Tucker
16:50Time to relax & celebrate our 10th Birthday!  Bring along your favourite beverage & snack, and visit with some of your Rotary Friends!


Dr Pieter Smit

Topic: Digitalisation in Education and the Impact on Parenting

Dr Pieter K Smit is currently a lecturer at the Tshwane University of Technology. From 1981 through 2009, Dr Smit was a Deputy Director in Human Resources Management at the South African National Defence Force. During his tenure at the Department of Defence, he was seconded to the African Union as a Military Advisor on the peace mission between Ethiopia and Eritrea. He also worked in the DRC as the human resource manager on the integration of the different defence forces into one.

1994 National Diploma In Personnel Management at the Technikon South Africa.

1995 B.Tech. Human Resources Management: Technikon South Africa

2006 M.Tech. Human Resources Management: Tshwane University Of Technology.

2010 Academic at the Tshwane University of Technology.

2015 MSc Environmental Management: University of Johannesburg.

Dr.Smit achieved his doctorate at the Tshwane University of technology with the focus of his research: To develop a framework for transformational leadership, talent management and work engagement of artisans in the automotive industry in South Africa.

The statistical analysis revealed that talent management does act as the mediator between transformational leadership and work engagement. The recommendation towards the industry is to focus on improving its policies and procedures. Executives, managers, and supervisors must perform according to the strategy of the industry to improve on KPI’s and KPA’s.

Stronger communication channels must be established between management and the artisans within the industry. Employing these recommendations will improve on the performance of the artisans and ultimately that of the industry.

Rasheeda Bhagat


Topic: Kerala’s woman Health Minister shows exemplary Leadership during Corona pandemic

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